Hide and Seek EIFF-laurel-2014-MichaelPowellAwardWinner

"A truly unique film, especially in its intoxicating presentation of sexuality and the human condition."
"A valuable, insightful and magnificent piece of filmmaking."
"Hide and Seek is one of the most bewitching and elegant British films of the last decade."
"Hide and Seek is an erotic and unfettered statement that love does not necessarily have to be what other people say it is."
"Gorgeously pastoral in setting, Hide and Seek is an absorbing study on the freedom of self-expression."
"Hide and Seek is truly unique in its ability to steer away from the drama to challenge societies values and behaviour."
"Quietly revolutionary, Hide And Seek is an important contribution to contemporary dialogues about sex and romance."
"Joanna Coates first feature is an elegant and visually inventive art house affair."
"Some advice: hide in the cinema and seek out this film."
Britflicks Talks With Daniel Metz & Joanna Coates About Their Award Winning Feature 'Hide And Seek'
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Video interview with Joanna Coates, Daniel Metz, and Rea Mole
Joanna Coates joins Director's Notes ahead of the film’s world premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival to discuss her raw take on the current crisis in youth culture.
"I’d like to get people thinking...that more things might be possible than they expected." - Joanna Coates interview with The New Current